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The Bouillon Tourist Office

The historical manager of the castle and its events

The Bouillon Tourist Office,

a centenary committee

In 1906, a handful of dedicated people decided to found the "Comité des sites et promenades de Bouillon", one of the first Tourist Offices in Belgium, with the goal of creating and improving the paths through the forests around the town.

At that time, the castle was not really exploited and it was a certain Father Stroobandt, guardian of the place, who took tourists to visit the fortress by the light of his oil lamp.

In 1919, the RSI (Royal Syndicat d'Initiative) became the official operator of the castle! This began the era of great tourism achievements: walks, castle visits, bathing cabins, the first belvedere, tennis courts, etc. These novelties, associated with the advertising efforts of the time, made Bouillon an increasingly popular tourist destination.

In 1925, the castle recorded 12,000 entries and then 57,000 ten years later, in 1936. In 2023, it was more than 130,000 visitors who crossed the entrance to the fortress.

For over 100 years, the RSI has managed and maintained this jewel, the Château fort de Bouillon, with a master hand. Each year, it develops new attractions and proceeds with the work necessary for the conservation of the building.

The RSI has also created and continues to organize the most emblematic events in Bouillon: the Hunting Festival, the Medieval Festival, Halloween evenings, the goumande march, etc. These festivities attract thousands of people each year and make the local shops live.

These passionate volunteers, supported by the entire castle team, do not count their hours to offer you each year magic and wonder in our beautiful town of Bouillon!

Informations from the formidable research work of Francis Clébant, current director of the Royal Syndicat d'Initiative de Bouillon. This document in its entirety is available here.


More than 100 years of dedication to Bouillon and its castle

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