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Château fort de Bouillon, attraction incontournable en Ardenne

The Bouillon Castle in the Belgian Ardenne

1000 years of history

Embark on the conquest of one of the most beautiful fortified castles in the world!

The Bouillon Castle

Embark on the conquest of a millennial edifice!

Bouillon Castle is the must-see attraction in the Ardennes and in Belgium!

Perched on three rocky peaks for over 1,000 years, the fortress watches over the town of Bouillon and the Semois river below. Every day, a grand journey through history awaits young and old adventurers at Bouillon Castle!


Bouillon and its castle are already mentioned in writings long before the year 1000


Its total length is the entire length of the fortress! Its highest point stands at 75 meters above the Semois.


130,000 visitors explore the number one attraction in the province of Luxembourg every year."


The view from the top of the Austria Tower offers a 360-degree panorama of the medieval town of Bouillon.

Plan your visit to Bouillon Castle!

Don't forget to check our various schedules for the castle tour, falconry shows, and the Odyssey of Light show (by reservation). You can get your entry ticket, the 'Bouillon City Pass,' online or on-site on the day of your visit.

Let your spirit of adventure come alive at Bouillon Castle!

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