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Halloween, château fort de Bouillon, une attraction incontournable en Ardenne

Halloween at the Bouillon Castle

Come and get scared in a unique atmosphere!

October 31 & November 1 and 2, 2024, it's the return of Halloween to the Bouillon castle!

For several years now, Bouillon Castle has opened its doors for a series of unique Halloween nights! Zombies and other creatures take over the castle to terrify visitors who dare to pass through the gates.

The performances at the beginning of the evening (from 6pm to 7pm) are exclusively for younger children (aged 6 to 12). Accompanied by their parents, they wander through the corridors of the haunted castle in small groups. Watch out for the monsters lurking in the nooks and crannies! Children will be rewarded for their courage with a small surprise at the end of the visit.

For those who think they are braver, the following performances (8pm to 10.30pm inclusive) are dedicated to adult visitors. In small groups and on your own, you will wander through the castle's narrow corridors, explore its dark, dank rooms and dodge the traps of its inhabitants. The entire tour takes place in total darkness!

So, dear visitors, don't be afraid in the dark! Be afraid of what lurks there! Shivers guaranteed!

Not recommended for children under 6 years old !


Halloween at Bouillon Castle guarantees thrills and chills!


Where ?

  • At Bouillon Castle


When ?

  • October 1 and November 1 and 2 

  • Duration +- 45 minutes



  • Reservation is mandatory.

  • €13 for adults.

  • €10 for children (6-12 years old).

  • The cemetery is accessible during the day, without reservation and without any additional cost during your visit to the castle.

Château de Bouillon
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